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Date Posted: 2012-02-02 14:51:57.
Subject: Top 10 deadliest air crash
Name: examples
Message: what about the tenerife disaster?
Date Posted: 2011-07-16 12:22:43.
Subject: Stealth is overrated
Name: examples
Does anyone else think stealth is overrated? I don't think it is really that important. I would rather have a fast, agile fighter rather than one that has a micro radar signature,

two seconds later a missile hits you from nowhere
Date Posted: 2011-06-10 14:38:07.
Subject: aircraft on aircraft combat
Name: examples
Message: The F4d is from th 1950s-60s! Use your brain.
Date Posted: 2011-03-11 13:54:19.
Subject: F22 vs YF22
Name: examples
Message: The F22 production model was actually very different form the Yf22 prototype. Basically, the F22 was better.
Date Posted: 2011-03-11 13:49:13.
Subject: The Y in YF-22
Name: examples
Message: firstsgt_cap, jetwhiz, f6hellcat are all correct. By the way, f6hellcat, why is your picture familiar?
Date Posted: 2011-03-11 13:44:11.
Subject: aim 9 or aa11
Name: examples
Message: Apparently, the sidewinder has 10 mile range compared to the archer's 4.
Date Posted: 2010-08-20 16:50:05.
Subject: Are all soviet planes copies of american planes?
Name: examples
Message: chuck yeager once said, all russian planes are copies of american planes. No mystery he said that. They look very similar.

take the mig 15 and the f86 sabre.

the mig 17 is a just a beefed up '15.

nobody for the mig 21

mig 23 : tornado?

mig 25 : F15

mig 29 : F18 hornet

Su24 : F111

Su25 : A10

Su27 : FA18 super hornet

S37/Su47 : X29

please respond
Date Posted: 2010-08-20 16:21:46.
Name: examples
Message: ooh b1s, good idea. lets all take our expensive, part stealthy super bombers and make them drops bombs on little cave rats while theyre being pounded by AAA. Why dont we throw in beaks and raptors while were at it.
bad idea
Date Posted: 2010-08-20 16:14:25.
Subject: Making the best of MiG-21
Name: examples
Message: watch this:
Date Posted: 2010-02-08 11:06:40.
Subject: Picture for contest
Name: examples
Message: I don't know how to attach the pictures to the email on the email thingy.

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